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Hi, we are Sky Barkers and we’re a genre-squiggling indie trio based in coastal West Wales. 

Some things to note: Writing your own band bio is a revolting process. Being vulnerable and human makes me cringe but it’s precious. Music and nature are portals to something way more awesome.

We are comprised of myself (Jo MacGregor Messore), Dan Messore and Matt Brown. We hope we make groove based, hook heavy, vocal laden, lyrically connective and  energy driven music, rooted in songwriting but with a wonky edge. 

Dan is an accomplished guitarist and composer, with a number of acclaimed records to date. Self taught until he studied Jazz, Dan has a distinctive style, creating entire sound worlds that hold our music, often fusing guitar and bass with his weird pedal wizardry. 

Matt’s approach is firmly rooted in groove whilst also being open to the exploration of texture and melody. I won’t list all the epic reviews he’s got in various magazines, but it basically it feels as though he might have crawled inside your bones and is playing some essential part of existence out on the drum kit. 

And I grew up singing and writing, it’s a process that has accompanied all the undulations of my life, helping to keep me open when my defences have slammed me shut. I’m not a prolific writer, but when it flows, it flows and I’m thankful for that. Singing in a receptive space to people who want to connect, feels to me like pulling something down from the air and merging it with my own body, then sending it out – it’s my favourite thing in the world.

Personally I have always had severe poetic leanings towards the small things, the ‘in between the lines’ – the spaces and places that get lost but that are experienced by so many of us on a daily basis. Being human is fairly hardcore and when we can lift these small griefs and joys up, and offer them in song to share, it feels like things make a tiny bit more sense. Or at least they ache less for having been recognised. 

We want to make songs that connect, that make us remember something old and important, help us weep or laugh or go out raging, having suddenly realised that there is some small thing that we need to change absolutely right now. 

Sky Barkers is an invitation to that – to let your guard down and howl your wild heart out. 


New Home